“I have embraced your project management teachings and have my whole management team now Gantt charting and watching your video on how to create one in Excel. 
Can’t tell you how well this has been received and how fabulous our planning is looking now. 
Of course, the proof will be in whether we can actually follow through and deliver on these great plans, but I at least have a fabulous starting point!Chris

So, a huge thank you for what was one of the most useful and productive sessions I have experienced”  Chris Bailey, Planning Director


“The course today was fantastic and I must admit I didn’t come to it with great expectations. I guess I just wasn’t sure what I could learn. 

I had been up until today very apprehensive about tackling my own project but I’m not now. 
Your simple no nonsense approach has really demystified the world of projects for me.”  Linda Bell, Operations Director

“Firstly it was a really interesting session yesterday and as I think I commented to you it’s amazing how we manage to achieve so many things already without adopting these methods – how much quicker (and possibly cheaper) we could have done things we’ll never know!

Personally I’ve never really related project work to the sales functions however it’s now clear to see where we can adopt some of the methodology to what we’re trying to do. For example the new quality standard through to the new brochure and ultimately marketing and attracting new business could now clearly be defined and mapped as a project. The future identification of industries and customers through applications could now also follow this method and we can put times to these activities and ensure our resources are directed and spent in the correct manner. I certainly intend to sit down with Chris (initially) and see how we implement some of these ideas into our activities over the next 12 months or so.”  Graham Tinker, Sales Director

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